Basic component for the production of RR Strabi binder, mixing with bitumen by the costumer is necessary. Bitumen quality must be agreed upon on beforehand with Gerhard Herbert GmbH. Suitable mixers e.g. heated mixing tank with agitator.


Delivery form: IBC or in a tank container 


Production of RR Strabi-Repair (at construction site or 

costumer site) with RR Strabi-Component


You need:   - RR Strabi-Component

You need:   - Heated bitumen, bitumen quality must accord to

You need:   - standard by Gerhard Herbers GmbH 

You need:   - Aggregate in the specific graded blend

You need:   - Suitable mixer e.g. heated mixing tank with agitator


» Weigh the gravel and pour it into the mixer

» dry the granules 

» Addition of the heated binder RR Stabi-Mix as a function of the 

   sieve line

» Mixing (mixing time depending on the used mixer)

» Direct filling in airtight-closing containers or direct installation of

» the mix

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