Ready-to-use binder for the production of RR Strabi-Repair on site. Just add the right blend of aggregate stone and chips to produce
RR Strabi-Repair. Suitable mixers e.g. heated mixing tank with agitator is necessary.


Delivery form: IBC or in a tank container 


Production of RR Strabi-Repair (at construction site or 

costumer site) with RR Strabi-Mix


You need:   - Heated binder RR Strabi-Mix

You need:   - Aggregate in the specific graded blend

You need:   - Suitable mixer e.g. heated mixing tank with agitator


» Weigh in the granulate into the mixer 

» dry the granules 

» Addition of the heated binder RR Stabi-Mix 

   (depending on the exact grade blend of the gravel) 

» Mixing (mixing time depending on the used mixer)

» Direct filling in the airtight closing buckets or direct application

   of the mix on the road surface

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